Cosmética natural 💚 hecha por humanos para humanos
Cosmética natural 💚 hecha por humanos para humanos

Natural, Vegan and Sustainable Cosmetics

This is our summary manifesto (a subtle way of saying 🎤 let’s speak out):
  • Natural 🍃 fresh ingredients (we also use organic ingredients if that doesn’t mean paying more for the same thing… it goes without saying. If we use organic ingredients in our natural cosmetics we will let you know in the “INCI ingredients” tab). I imagine you know this… But just in case I remind you: 🔍 All our natural cosmetics guarantee the use of at least 99% of natural ingredients (100% does not exist, and whoever says otherwise is lying).
  • Following on from the previous point and speaking clearly about our ingredients: They are all non-toxic. All ingredients are 100% toxic free ❌🦴.
  • To make our cosmetics we don’t fuck with animals (we don’t use animal ingredients and we don’t test on animals) 🐼.
  • Yes, our sustainable cosmetics are 💚 100% Vegan (we think it was clear with the previous point… but there are many “TOC” and among them the “you have to put it”). So here goes.
  • No frills 🤡: Clear, simple and effective formulas. → And no, we don’t sell cosmetic operations…. Our cosmetics are not going to erase you, but they are going to cover the needs of your skin and therefore; you will notice it better and you will have healthy skin. LOVE IT, NO BUTTS! We assure you that everyone has some perfect imperfection… It’s time to feel good and take care of them to make them beautiful 👸🏻🤴🏻.
  • And no… we are not a low-cost brand (even if you think so). Our products are made 100% nationally and handmade, producing high quality natural cosmetics with active ingredients to care for all skin types (even the most sensitive).

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