Cosmética natural 💚 hecha por humanos para humanos
Cosmética natural 💚 hecha por humanos para humanos

Let’s talk straight. Let’s tell the truth about cosmetics (all cosmetics), without ifs and buts, without fashions… without “ornaments”.

And we will do so by going as far as you let us go.

How lazy… I’m listening to you yawning from here. [Yes, we’re the kind of aliens who hear everything]. Really, we’re doing the best we know how. Pay attention! You’ll love being part of Putos Cosméticos and above all, of our philosophising… sorry, business philosophy (sounds empowering but we’re really not that hard-pressed).

There are thousands of ingredients (more than 12,000) used in conventional and natural cosmetics, the vast majority of which have not been analysed. Amazing, isn’t it? We have a theory that there are as many “godfathers and sponsors” in the world as there are ingredients… so we already tell you that we are aware that it will take a lot of time to change things… it will take a lot of time to put everything in its place. And that is where we are going with Putos Cosméticos, to put things in their place.

To date, over 2,500 ingredients have been tested and more than half of them are toxic, can you believe it? Just imagine the more than 12,000 ingredients that are being used in hundreds of cosmetics today…

Let’s have a coffee, smoke a… (fag) and see how we solve the world while we go for rounds of shots. That’s how things are done, isn’t it? 😂… The thing is that Putos Cosméticos was born and we have decided to stand up, say enough is enough and make 100% natural cosmetics with real ingredients: free of toxins, not tested on animals, natural, vegan and if necessary, organic too. What madness! A copy/paste, you might say… And we say NO 👇

Why is Putos Cosméticos different?

We are not going to bother you with terms that short-circuit your neurons and make you see as good the zero waste of certain products that often do not biodegrade in years, the toxic-free, the vegan, the cruelty-free, the private label (most of the certifiers are in the hands of cosmetic multinationals… coincidence?). Here you won’t see any of those things that are very fashionable to add a few euros to the product. Our cosmetics are 100% natural and their INCI is on each product sheet on the website. We don’t need gifted people who speak English, nor certificates who want our money (ui, sorry, who want to certify products…) and yours. Here only 100% natural products and that’s it (and yes, we will teach you how to read an INCI once and for all).
We’re not going to give you a hard time about organic… For us, if a rosehip oil produced locally and sustainably is 100% natural and its technical data sheet proves it, it’s good enough for us. We don’t need the 🥚🥚 certificate that makes the product cost a kidney more for the same thing (well, sorry… not the same thing… it has a little stamp).
We are not going to bother you with technicalities, but all our products have their respective clinical studies and their formulas registered with the European Medicines and Cosmetics Agency (we are 100% legal).
In short, we are not going to give you a hard time but in our blog we will talk every week about all this “cosmetic world” and we think you are going to love our content. We are “El Jueves” of cosmetics (but without cartoons, we don’t like them hahahaha…) 😯💨.

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