Cosmética natural 💚 hecha por humanos para humanos
Cosmética natural 💚 hecha por humanos para humanos

If there’s one thing we love, it’s going “cool”… It makes us realise that even if we’re close to 40, if we have a good attitude, the “twenty-somethings” never go away. That’s right, hangovers last for days… and days… and days… (I can’t keep saying days or Google will rank me badly). To the point, if you’re here it’s because you want to see our terms and conditions of sale, so let’s get to it!

  • How to buy in Putos Cosméticos

To buy in Putos Cosméticos you just have to visit our online shop of natural cosmetics and add the products you want (yes, the more the better😂 why are we going to decorate this at this point of the movie). In each of our products you can choose the units you want (by default there is 1 unit, we don’t want to go overboard…) and click on “Add to Cart”. Do this process with all the products you want to buy and then go to the cart (at the top of the web) and finish it (do not mark a “simpa” …).

  • How to pay for your order

You can place your order with Paypal or with your credit or debit card (we don’t care if it’s credit or debit… we’ll charge you the same, so you decide which card to use). Whichever payment method you use, you should know that the website will not store your payment details. Our payment page is 100% secure and encrypted by the companies that manage the payment (and verify it by the way… that’s why we’re going to charge it if we have to). In short, you pay 😂.

  • Shipping method and delivery times

All orders placed in Spain (peninsula) are delivered within 2 to 5 days. We usually deliver much earlier in order to look good and surprise you. Shipping costs are FREE, but if you are buying less than 29€ then we have to split the cake and you will have to assume a cost of 3,99€ (VAT included), the rest is paid by us.

If the order is made from other areas of Spain or another country you can write us an email to experts@put… no! We’re not that geeky. Write us in our contact form, whatsapp or social networks and we will tell you the approximate delivery time (as a fact: European countries up to 7 days).

  • How to return an order or cancel your purchase

We’ve been thinking about this… First we thought of putting it in small print, then we decided to put the text in white… Anyway, it’s hard for us to return the money. But here we go: You can request a refund as long as the products are in perfect condition and are unused. To do so, write to us and once we accept the return, we will proceed to collect the package (including everything except the gifts… Santa Rita, what is given is not taken away!) The shipping and return costs will be deducted from the amount to be returned. That is to say, if you have paid shipping costs, these will not be refunded. In addition, the collection costs are 7€ (VAT included). Therefore, shipping/collection costs are not refundable in any case except if the product has arrived broken or in poor condition (tell us immediately to send the incident to the transport agency).

See the details of Putos Cosméticos, the legal notice, privacy policy, cookies policy… etc. You can do that by clicking here. These are the terms and conditions of sale, but everything in Putos Cosméticos is clear and we are 100% transparent. Click here to see this information.

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