Cosmética natural 💚 hecha por humanos para humanos
Cosmética natural 💚 hecha por humanos para humanos

The other day at a networking event (one of those that serve absolutely no purpose…) they talked about the importance of having a visible contact form on the website to convey trust… (among other bullshit). And I say… only videogames evolve 🎮 or what?

In Putos Cosméticos we don’t have a contact form (because we don’t know how to put it on the web… and our colleague who knows “html and php” says we should leave him alone, he’s done enough for us…), but we have whatsapp… Ah! Wait wait… We have an ✉️ email address to send emails to. You can write to us at and that’s it… As if it were a contact form 😂 (one of those we don’t have because we don’t know).

Now seriously… we don’t need or need a form because just like our cosmetics, we are human and we use whatsapp, social networks… and we have the email on the phone… So if you want, you can write us an email by clicking here and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Regardless of which contact method you use, we usually respond within 24-48 hours (always working hours). Remember that you can always review our privacy policy.

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